In the Ring

Episode #5
Brothers Bill and Mark present their fifth episode of "In the Ring," their monthly review of local wrestling organization, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance. They review the KSWA show and cheer for one of their favorites, "Big" Mike Malachi.

Episode #6
When Wild Bill and Mark start arguing during their most recent review of the latest KSWA local wrestling show, will Mark's silent rage be triggered?

Episode #7
Wild Bill and Mark attempt to reconcile their differences with couples counselling, and also review the latest adventures of the KSWA, of course.

Episode #8
After another violent outburst, Mark has found himself in jail. That means Wild Bill has to co-host this episode of "In the Ring" with Mark's girlfriend Megan. But will Wild Bill and Megan's on-screen chemistry lead to real-life trouble?

Episode #9
After his short stay in jail, Mark is back to "In the Ring" with a new skill: he can cut hair! But because of his time away, Mark needs Wild Bill's help training to become a KSWA Super Fan once again.

Episode #10
Things get awkward when Mark and Megan go on a double date to the latest KSWA show with Wild Bill and a girl he met through an online dating service. But with all the secrets and mixed feelings, is this double date doomed?

Episode #11
At this month's KSWA show, Wild Bill and Mark are surprised with the biggest news of their lives! Will "In the Ring" actually be... IN THE RING?!?

Episode #12
At FanFest '08,Wild Bill and Mark finally get IN THE RING, participating in a hair vs. hair match, with Wild Bill as the guest ring announcer and Mark as the guest barber! But will their involvement cost them what they love the most... their "In the Ring" show?!?

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