Shadows of the Shield

Shows of the Shield - Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project 2009

Behind every badge, there's a cop. Behind this cop, there's a film crew.

Hustlebot presents "Shadows of the Shield: Undercover on the Streets," a multiple award winner of the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project 2009. Follow undercover police officer Alan Beaumont as he's followed by a documentary film crew. 

Award Winning

Hustlebot - 48 Hour Film Festival Winners - Pittsburgh 2009

Hustlebot is very proud to have the winningest film in the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project 2009, taking home the most awards for the film "Shadows of the Shield." Including:

  • Best Writing
  • Audience Award (Group A)
  • Best Film Runner Up
  • Best Use of Line of Dialogue 

Special thanks to the 48 Hour Film Project and the Pittsburgh's producers Kahmeela Adams and Nina Gibbs.

Hustlebot - 48 Hour Filmmaker - Pittsburgh 2009


Written and Directed by Hustlebot
Filmed and Edited by David Fedor

John Feightner as Alan Beaumont
Larry Phillis as Chief/Soundman/Tree
Joe Wichryk II as Junkie/Carlisle
David Fedor as Director Dan Morgan

Theme to Shadows of the Shield
Written and Performed by Jeff DeSantis

Love Theme to Shadows of the Shield
Written by Jeff DeSantis
Performed by Jeff DeSantis and Julie Graber


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